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Online advertising and tracking is blocked automatically, no matter what app you are using.
Blocks ads from websites, YouTube and other videos, email, and even games, no matter what program you are using.
DNS redirection protects against malicious content and protects privacy.
Everything you do online generates DNS requests. Most DNS providers store this data and sell it to data brokers to help build profiles on you.

Ad-attack lets you specify an alternative DNS server that overrides what your ISP wants you to use. You don't have to change a thing, and there is nothing your ISP can do about it.

We provide options for safe DNS servers that do not store or sell your data and also block you from visiting sites that might be dangerous.
Free blocklist updates for as long as you use the program.
Ad-Attack automatically updates its blocklists every hour. We do this very efficiently so you never notice it is happening.

We update our lists in 2 ways. The "big" list is updated once a week. A "delta" list is updated every hour. It is very compact and only contains the changes since the last big list update.
One time purchase. No additional fees, subscriptions, or cloud account necessary.
We hate getting nickel-and-dimed to death for every app we buy, and we know that you do too. We think you should be able to buy an app and it should just work without constantly feeding it money.

We take into account the costs to support our software and price it fairly so that it keeps working for as long as you want to use it. We've been doing it this way for almost 25 years, and it works for us and the customer.
Blocks hidden tracking code that literally monitors your every move.
Tracking code is everywhere on virtually every website. There are dozens if not hundreds of companies that want to know where you visit and what you look at.

Visit any blog, news, sports or entertainment site, and the odds are that you will be tracked by 20 different companies (or more). This is big business and websites make money by allowing this.

You have had no say in the matter. Now you do!
What do they know about you?
Your data is aggregated with data collected from other sites you visit to build a profile about you that they can sell to advertisers, banks, insurance companies or anyone interested in knowing more about you.

From your profile, they can determine your family, friends, hobbies, finances, health issues, sports activities, political, and religious affiliations, just about anything.

This isn't hype and it is going to get worse.

Your Data Belongs to You!

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Works with Microsoft Windows 7, 8 and 10